Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink Sleeve Labels are sleeve labels made from film material that, instead of using adhesive, shrinks to a product’s surface when heat is applied. This type of labels allow to print the graphics around the entire circumference as well as take the exact shape of the product’s container. There are many different ways that you can use a shrink sleeve for your packaging; neck bands, body sleeves, half-body sleeves, full body sleeves, multi-packs, dual-welds, and preforms.

Shrink sleeves are a great option for your brand as it allows full 360 degree graphic coverage with higher resolution, brighter colours, and crisp artwork registration. Shrink sleeve labels are eye-catching and have great costumer appeal.

Safety Seal reverse prints on durable film which means that your label is protected from scratches, shipping, and wear-and-tear.

Don’t like your existing can/bottle? No problem! With our special optical block-out ink system, we can re-label existing printed cans or bottles and utilize them for different products.

Edge out the competition with a sharp and effective shrink sleeve.


Types of Sleeves

Sectional sleeve

A sectional sleeve covers only a portion of your product. This allows for your product’s contents to be shown off and also have the crispness of a high quality shrink label.


A neckband is ideal for keeping your product safe as it provides tamper evidence. A neckband can be used with another type of shrink sleeve on your product or on its own. It can be as simple as a clear tamper evident seal, or customizable with multiple colours and print.

Multipack-SleeveA multipack sleeve is a great tool for promotional, seasonal, variety packs, new product packaging, and much more. A multipack can cover older packaging with new graphics, replace old barcodes, and group multiple skus into one unit.

Full body sleeve

A full body sleeve allows for all the benefits of a body sleeve while also providing tamper evidence with the use of a top seal. By using a T-Perf, the consumer is able to remove the tamper evident seal, open the product, and keep the packaging design on the remainder of the bottle. If you want to cover your bottle or product completely, this is a great choice as it is full 360 degree graphic coverage offering excellent shelf visibility.

dual-weldA dual weld sleeve is perfect for promotional packaging. It can be used to offer free samples of a new product, pair two products together, cover old barcodes, and much more.

Body sleeve

With the use of a body sleeve, the entire product is covered and gives your product a professional and high-quality appearance. 360 degree product coverage allows for remarkable shelf visibility.

360 degree graphics from custom shrink sleeve labels are being adopted by many industries at a rapid rate. These type of labels are very popular with food and beverage products, industries like pet products, pharmaceuticals, retail products and personal care and cosmetics already take advantage of Shrink Sleeve labels. Shrink Sleeve Labels have distinctive advantages, their 360 degree designs promote the product from every angle, are cost effective. Additionally, these labels can take the form of complex form containers, do one-off runs and market testing without incurring major costs and produce a high end look and feel that adds value to the product with outstanding designs.