Safety Seal is honoured to announce that they were the 2018 Award Winners for ‘Best Sleeved Can and Environmental Contribution Label’ at the AWA Sleeve Label Conference and Exhibition 2018. 

AWA (Alexander Watson Associates) Sleeve Label Awards went to Safety Seal Plastics more than once for Best Sleeved Can and Environmental Contribution.

Safety Seal Plastics, Canada, were rewarded for their labels on „One Love“ beer cans.  The judges said: “Graphics that mimic the strokes of an artist“s brush on canvas, and the incorporation of technically-challenging holographic and tactile effects – coupled with the complex use of matte and  gloss finishes – put this sleeved can in a league of its own… Flawless  execution of a very creative and ambitious sleeve.“

Safety Seal Plastics of Canada took the award, for another beer can label –“ Big Spruce“Tag! You“re It!“ sleeves. The judges celebrated this sleeve for its excellent use of perforation and tear tape to facilitate sleeve removal for recycling the can after use.  They underlined the fact that this technique could  very usefully be used in a wider context for sleeve removal from PET containers.   Coupled with consumer advice as promoted by the „pull infographic“, this approach would, the judges said, “greatly reduce the recycling concerns associated with shrink sleeves.“  They further applauded the graphics and overall execution of the sleeve:  quality was not compromised to secure its environmental credentials.


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